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About Us

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Skin Revolution was started on the concept of inclusivity. Everyone’s skin and body ages differently and with so many factors involved including lifestyle, diet, gender, ethnicity, race, and of course age, it is hard to know what to do to repair the damage and slow the effects of aging. The one thing that people may not think of is that how our skin and body respond to certain chemical and laser treatments is at its core tied to our DNA. That’s right, those chains of amino acids that define so many things about us. It is just as important as the color of our skin and how many wrinkles and creases we may have. Those pieces of information affect the settings we use and the treatment protocols that we choose when treating your skin and body.

Mrs. Bailey Hsieh

Mrs. Bailey Hsieh’s experience in the aesthetic field began with her first job in a dermatologist’s office. There, her foundation in skin care was built. It is also where she began to learn procedures such as chemical peels and facials. In the years that she worked with a dermatologist, she learned at a young age that skin care and especially preventative skin care is very important. Now, as co-founder of Skin Revolution with her husband Dr. Xavier Hsieh, she wants to not only help clients with their current aesthetic concerns but also to educate them on the value of taking preventative measures to minimize the harmful effects of sun damage and the changes that come naturally with age. Since her days in a dermatologist’s office, she has taken that knowledge base and expanded it to knowing which combination of topical creams will be most beneficial to you following your selected treatment at Skin Revolution.

Skin Revolution team member, Bailey Hsieh posing and smiling in white dress with black polka dots

Dr. Xavier Hsieh

Dr. Xavier Hsieh is a Board-Certified Family Medicine Physician who graduated from Western University College of Osteopathic Medicine and did his training at Harbor-UCLA Medical Center. He has always had an interest in minor procedures and was trained to perform a variety of dermatological procedures in his residency, including cyst and lipoma removals. Because of this interest in doing dermatological procedures and his interest in bringing evidence-based technology to provide proven aesthetic treatment options to his patients, together with his wife, Bailey Hsieh, Skin Revolution was born. Dr. Hsieh’s goal is to provide you and your skin the utmost care with the goal of enhancing your natural beauty.
Skin Revolution team member, Dr. Xavier Hsieh standing and posing while smiling in black casual attire

Catherine Carrillo, RN

Catherine is a Registered Nurse with a background in Emergency Medicine. She has received her Bachelors at UC Irvine with her nursing degree from Western University of Health Sciences.

With a love for art and science, she found her career in nursing, which opened into the field of aesthetics. Her passion for aesthetics along with her clinical expertise as a nurse translates into her delivery of treatment and care. Catherine has experience in providing a variety of treatments such as Microneedling, Hydrafacials, Laser Hair Removal, SculpSure, TempSure RF, and Human Growth Factor injections.

Skin Revolution team member Catherine Carrillo, a registered nurse, posing and smiling in a white shirt

Jasmine Wick

Jasmine is a licensed esthetician. She graduated in aesthetics from Paul Mitchell the school in Pasadena. Growing up she has always known she wanted to work and be a part of the beauty industry in some way as she has always loved being able to be creative and feel confident. She is now glad that she was able to find a career that not only helps but encourages others to feel this way as well. Specializing in facials, hydrafacials, dermaplaning, chemical peels, lash/brow enhancements and face and body waxing. She is able to help clients address and treat their own skin concerns as a result of making them feel satisfied, beautiful, confident and comfortable in their own skin.